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MySitti is holding a rap competition to see who are the sickest street poets in the nation. We want you to submit your pre-recorded events, live streaming events and your killer parties into our contest. You can post to our contest page and have you friends/fans give you as many shout outs as possible to win. So, bring it! The rapper with the most shout outs for each week will be entered to compete in our monthly contest.  The top eight rappers for each month will throw down in a live virtual battle on for their chance to win $1000, a one month spotlight on our home page, lifetime Free Platinum membership, bragging rights for you and your city, and will be automatically entered into our grand prize competition held every six months.

This battle highlights the most legit rappers from each month competing for $2000, ultimate bragging rights for beating the best of the best, and a month-long spotlight on our home page, all while representing your city as one of its best talents. All of our contests are held online, even the live streaming battles that are held monthly and every 6 months. Yes, that means, no traveling, no lugging bags or equipment, no paying for hotels, and no hassles. Post on our contest page to compete in our monthly contest. The monthly and six month winners will been give specific instructions about the time to log on to battle page to face-off live while we stream it live to all your fans, their fans, and MySitti users.


This is the easiest competition that you will ever enter. You can literally win from your bedroom. We want everyone to get something out of this contest. The first 500 artist will receive 70% off registration and the next 1000 will receive 50% off Lifetime!!  So, tell you fans, friends, neighbors, and anyone with a pulse to give you a shout out on your contest entries so that you can become our Top Rapper. Press register to enter “Put on for your city,” and help us in “Making Every City Your City!” 


  • Event period – May 1 - June 4, 2016
  • This competition is FREE to enter.
  • User shout outs is FREE.
  • Recording duration is a maximum of three minutes (3mins 4 seconds) to enter in the week competition and 6 minutes live streaming duration for the Final Battle.
  • Video editing is not accepted. (artist cannot edit two or more different performances into one set). There are no restrictions on creative film presentation ie: multi camera angles, blue screen techniques, video back-drop, they are all permitted but the artist must submit a non stop 3 minute performance.
  • The event structure is by and will commence with contestants uploading their recorded three minute performances to allow their fans and MySitti users to give shout outs.
  • Artist can enter each week if they don’t win during the duration of the monthly competition, weekly winners are not allowed to resubmit during that month.
  • Every week the two artist with the most shout outs for the that week are entered into our monthly contest for $1000 dollars cash
  • The weekly winners are entered into our Online Final Battle that will be held every 6 months and will consist of 8 unique artist competing for $2000 dollars cash
  • There will be no limitations on the equipment the artist wish to use in their performances.
  • The Online Final Battle, the 8 Final artist will be give specific instruction on when to log on for the live Online Battle.
  • The Final Online Battle will be live so that your fans and MySitti user can vote on your performance “So Bring it!!”
  • In the interest of fairness, incentives for voting (such as offering prizes or setting up competitions to promote votes) are disallowed. If you are found to be promoting your video in such a way then it will be removed from the competition. You can promote your video but No Incentives given in exchange for shout outs.

  • The Online Final Battle each artist should introduce themselves by showing their face on camera to confirm their identity in their performances.
  • This competition is open to all ages.
  • retains rights to change and alter the rules of the contest whereby and when, in their opinion, it is in the interest of the events credibility and competition fairness.
  • To receive shout outs the friend or fan will need to be a MySitti user, which is free to sign up.
  • A video entry must not contain nudity, pornography or sexually explicit visual content. The video will be removed if it contains content of this nature.
  • Free speech is welcomed and everyone has a right to express their point of view. We do not condone hate speech (attacking or demeaning a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age and sexual orientation/gender identity).
  • Videos can be removed without notice if their content is deemed to be inappropriate to the spirit of
  • MySitti ask that you respect Youtube’s regional terms /conditions and Youtube’s community guidelines.

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